Celebrating eCampus Fellows and eCampus Certified Professionals


eCampus Fellows are Teachers who uses the eCampus Teaching Tool Kits to produce Video content for eCampus. The produce lesson videos and past question videos.

eCampus Certified Professionals are data entry professionals who upload content onto eCampus.

eCampus marked its 10th anniversary this month of September and as part of the celebration, we decided to make users of eCampus take a walk with us on the journey of eCampus so far, thus everyday with tips we educate and bring to light the journey of this great app “eCampus” to the world and its cherished users.

Today as part of crowning the celebration/journey, we have deemed it right to celebrate and commend the good work done by eCampus Fellows and Certified Professionals to drive eCampus wheel to success and recognition.

eCampus Fellow for SHS Mathematics 

Selasi Broni-Agbezuge is a hardworking, friendly and selfless eCampus Fellow who works on time and has the ability to stand pressure. He had his Senior Secondary education at Mawuli School, Ho and also pursued a 3year HND program in Electrical/Electronic Engineering at Ho Polytechnic. Aside being a competent eCampus Fellow, he doubles up a Mathematics teacher at Agate Senior High School where he also serves as Head of Mathematics Department.

At eCampus, he is in charge of developing content relevant to SHS Mathematics. He is the lead eCampus Fellow.
eCampus Board and Management appreciates your efforts and selfless hardwork in driving eCampus to rise to this high pedestal.

Our eCampus Certified Professionals are Paul Richter and Derrick Botchway
Derrick Botchway is the Senior eCampus Certified Professional at eCampus. Derrick Botchway graduated from the University of Ghana with a B.A Honors on Social Work and Information Studies. His animated enthusiasm towards work contributed to a more reliable, efficient and effective customer service to eCampus users.

Paul Richter is a very committed and disciplined eCampus Certified Professional who is also sociable, adaptable and has a team playing spirit. His work with eCampus is much evident as he is the one who types and collate all information needed on the eCampus app. eCampus being a well-organized app is partly by his efforts.

To the Certified Professionals, much thanks to you from eCampus cherished users and Board!

To eCampus Users and Followers, thanks for being part of eCampus′s “TheJourney” as we marked its 10th anniversary! The Journey has just started!!!

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