eCampus Voted Top 10 Startup.


eCampus have been voted one of the top 10 startups to pitch at the Global Startup Expo in Rome, Italy.

The Global Startup Expo is the first on-line fair in the world dedicated to Startups. With an interactive platform, the fair is an innovative experience where attendees can explore new technologies, connect with investors, learn about incubators and crowdfunding possibilities while networking with peers, professionals, and press!

Participants will be able to chat, call via Skype, exchange business cards, and connect with colleagues worldwide while attending presentations virtually, simply using a PC or Mac and xDSL connection.

To the eCampus Team the expo is a great opportunity to show case the progress at eCampus to world. At eCampus we have invested in teachers, in authors, and in technology to literally put the classroom in your palm.

As the only Ghanaian startup to have made it into the top 10 at the Global Startup Expo, the eCampus Team are looking forward to starting conversations with potential investors and partners to secure additional funds to scale eCampus across different subjects and examination councils, including corporate training and also plug into other regions like the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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