More Amazing Moments Through The eCampus Journey


eCampus App Team (Meet the eCampus App Developers)

Wondering who actually wrote the eCampus App codes? Meet Thomas, Saeed and Fitzgerald. The best developer team ever!

The eCampus App developer team joined eCampus in March 2015, whiles final year computer science students at the University of Mines, Takwa.

The management and board of eCampus salute the eCampus App developer team. Thomas, Saeed, and Fitzgerald, millions of African lives have been touched by your dedication and hard work at eCampus.

eCampus gets founder a full MBA Scholarship

The Business School of the Catholic University of Milan the largest private university in Europe awarded Cecil Nutakor – CEO of eCampus a full MBA Scholarship in 2013 in support of eCampus.

The eCampus user experience and its learning formula (Frequency + Recency = Fluency) that drives the eCampus psychology of learning was developed by the founder during the MBA.

On September 17, 2015 eCampus founder was one of the judges of the same MBA Business Idea Competition he won with eCampus in 2013.

Sharing the eCampus Story at Ashesi University

eCampus founder shares the eCampus journey with students as Keynote Speaker at The Future of Ghana : Young Leadership Forum at Ashesi University

His powerful story inspired participants to believe in their abilities and get in charge of their lives. “You are the CEO of your life. Do something with it, for me I am doing eCampus” – Cecil Nutakor.

@romeoeffs impressed by the eCampus journey interviewed the CEO for his broadcasting channel in the Jamaica and the United States. “eCampus is exactly what Africa needs” -Romeo Effs

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