PluseTV Speaks with eCampus Founder, Cecil Nutakor : From a straight F student to world-class innovator.


Cecil Nutakor’s story is that of great innovation and passion and a zeal to succeed. He gives hope to many Ghanaian and African students, who are finding it difficult to fit in the current educational system. WATCH Full Interview HERE

Cecil shares is intimate story of how eCampus started as a result of his anger at the educational system and also anger as his mother after failing his high school exams for the second time in a role.

His message to the student across Africa was “I will say please do not give up on learning even if the educational system disappoints you. The truth is, it is not the system that will make you succeed, it is your desire for self learning that makes the difference. That is why not everyone makes the first place in an exams, yet most often the average students end up employing the first class students. Just think about that”

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