Some Remarkable Events Through The eCampus Journey


KNUST College of Sciences adopts eCampus in 2009


The UNDP and the Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre financed the deployment of eCampus for KNUST College of Sciences as part of the Pre-Incubator project to identify and coach student entrepreneurs.

eCampus hosted training materials required for student entrepreneurs at KNUST back in 2009.

Student entrepreneurs were able to get feedback from their coaches and mentors using the eCampus forum and chat features

The eCampus Story climax Africa 2.0 Symposium in 2014

In November 2014 eCampus founder shared the eCampus Journey with participants of the Annual Symposium of @africa2point0 a pan-African civil society organisation.

The eCampus Story evoked the emotions of @africa2point0 participants and gave eCampus a spotlight that was very useful.

Today eCampus and its founder have become an exemplary success story for startups within the @africa2point0 network.

Israeli Government recognizes eCampus

In April 2015, the Government of Israel recognized eCampus as the new and innovative way to learn in Africa (MORE INFO HERE)

eCampus received endorsement by the Israeli Government as a revolutionary app that will transform the face of education in Africa.

Government of Israel through their Embassy in Ghana have express interest in working with eCampus to innovate, transform and change education in Africa.

eCampus : the multiple award winning e-learning solution from Ghana to the World

eCampus has won 9 awards and recognition both at home and abroad with the first award being the Global Young Social Entrepreneur Award in 2007 at the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In November 2014, eCampus founder was named and interviewed by Joy 99.7 FM as the Unique Achiever of the month.

The best angle investment pitch during the Angel Fair in Lagos, Nigeria in March 2014 was awarded to eCampus and its founder.

eCampus partners with Abelway Technologies (

In 2013, Abelway Technologies ( became a strategic partner to eCampus.

Abelway Technologies handles Online Customer Care, Data Conversion, Data Management, and Data Entry of content unto eCampus for users consumption.

Today eCampus has 2635 past questions and 10528 answers for BECE and WASSCE exams. Thanks to our strategic partner Abelway Technology.

eCampus gone mobile!

The eCampus Mobile App project was launched on March 1, 2015 with a release date of May 31, 2015 for Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows.

eCampus’ mobile app experience was based on 14 months of research into the psychology of learning by the founder during his MBA with the Catholic University of Milan, Italy.

Using the unique eCampus learning formula (Frequency + Recency = Fluency), eCampus mobile and web app helps students prepare for exams in Ghana and around the world and also

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