eCampus Version 3.0 Released

eCampus version 3.0 released

Over the years we have strived to help students and professionals improve their academic score and professional points respectively using the approach: read, listen, watch, practise and discuss.

We have had students follow courses relevant to them and fellows (our on way of referring to teachers and facilitators). In this new version, we are switching things up with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology.

To make education more fun, we are adding new intuitive features, and improving how users use our platform using modern technology like blockchain.

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.0. This version was made available on Monday, September 10, 2018, in honour of the memory of Kofi Annan and his extraordinary work for education as a human right.

What’s new:

Test prep: Can now help student-users know whether they are ready for exams or not.

Course suggestion: Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) our app will be able to suggest courses to users based on their profile setting.

Blockchain: Users will be able to generate points whiles they use our app and later trade such point for service or products with organisations listed on our app. These points can also be used to generate credentials in the form of digital badges to seek employment.

Labs (Beta): Using virtual reality (VR) gear, users can access lab sessions of their interest on our app.

We believe that these changes – which we’ll continue to evaluate – will help keep eCampus as the preferred online learning partner for students in Ghana.

eCampus version 3.0 is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows App Store.

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