eCampus LLC on the List of 100 Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana


Shortlisted from a comprehensive list of several groundbreaking and high growth startups by Ghanaians; these 100 startups have become or are on their way to becoming market leaders in their respective industries. Aiming to be globally competitive, these startups are leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of their vision. These are definitely the 100 Must Watch Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana from several sectors including but not limited to Agriculture, Finance & Investments, Fashion, Technology, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Health, Education, Retail and e-Commerce, Energy and Social Enterprise.

Globally Competitive Startups
eCampus LLC, at number 30 in Alphabetical Order

The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE), an award winning Social Enterprise in partnership with Avance Media conducted a compelling research which received numerous public nominations leading to the creation of this 100 Globally Competitive Startups List being published ahead of TANOE’s Ghana Startup Awards which will also witness the official induction of Ghanaian Startups into the first cohort of the Ghana Startups Club 100.

The eCampus LLC, Team are grateful and humbled to have made it onto this profoundly important list of startups in Ghana. Our gratitude goes to our customers and employees who believed in the eCampus dream and have given us good feedback that has lead the company to develop the most effective and unique education platform in Ghana. We look forward to joining the first cohort and also looking forward to getting listed on similar startup lists across the various African countries within which eCampus operates and working to incorporate at the moment (Liberia, Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa).

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