The eCampus Journey

The eCampus Journey

There is a popular saying “a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step”. That one single first step of eCampus’ journey was taken in September 2005, it was the first time eCampus will be deployed within a real life environment, more than a 100 users will be connected and collaborating on eCampus for the very first time. That period for the team, was filled with anxiety and mixed fillings, will it work just fine or it might crash?

Fast forward September 2015, marks 10 years since eCampus was first deployed. eCampus has evolved from a client-server application to a fully hosted cloud based SaaS solution available as a Web App and Mobile App (on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows App Stores).

The eCampus Journey

The journey have been interesting, challenging, and rewarding. The eCampus Team wants to celebrate its first decade of milestones with the rest of the world. Throughout the month of September the story behind the eCampus journey will be shared in details across our Facebook Page, Twitter, & Blog.

To become a part of eCampus’ journey start by Downloading the App, Like & Follow us on social media, and let us have your comments and feedbacks.

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