5 Great Moments Through The eCampus Journey


eCampus joines the Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre – GMIC

In 2006 eCampus won the business plan competition to join GMIC, a business incubator set up by the Government of Ghana to support technology start-ups with office space and capacity building.

eCampus was deployed for the Ghana Multimedia Incubator Centre as the learning platform to provide training to 11 start-up companies.

Time magazine, CNN and the World Bank visited eCampus at the Ghana Multimedia Centre and this what they had to say “The future of universal access to education in Africa will be driven by players like eCampus”.


United Nations Development Program – UNDP supports eCampus

UNDP supported eCampus by paying for managed office space and paying for 3 years of audited account and business valuation report preparation to help the access investment from the Ghana Venture Capital Trust Fund.

UNDP endorsed eCampus as one of the tools and technologies that will help African countries achieve the millennium development goals.

eCampus was deployed for the UNDP’s community information centers to facilitate free access to quality education in communities across Ghana.


eCampus becomes Software as a Service – SaaS

In 2008, eCampus transitioned from a software product (institution specific) to software as a service (SaaS).

The eCampus SaaS business model made it possible for people everywhere to learn regardless of whether their institutions had eCampus or not.

eCampus become learners focused instead of institution focus. People should be able to learn even if they are not enrolled with an academic institution.


eCampus at Ghana Technology University College – GTUC

eCampus was used to deliver lectures on a certificate program at the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) in 2007.

Student of the certificate program at GTUC were about access lecture notes, submit assignment, take quizzes, discuss class work, and collaborate using eCampus.

eCampus makes it possible for students stay up to date with classroom activities on the go!


University of Ghana, Computer Science Department on eCampus

Did you know that eCampus was used by the Computer Science Department of the University of Ghana from 2008?

Students of the Computer Science Department of the University of Ghana were accessing reference papers on eCampus to facilitate their project works in school.

eCampus provided internship opportunities to students from the Computer Science Department of the University of Ghana.

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