eCampus CEO selected among the best 30 Ghanaians about to shake the world!

SHARE is Ghana’s leading success and personal development website on a mission to become Africa’s most trusted name in success, personal growth, and professional development. The website has an audience drawn from more than 120 countries. Newaccra produces special reports and run unique training events for current students, young professionals, and young entrepreneurs.

Now in its third year, the Newaccra Achievers Report has been well received. Because it contains a list of achievers, profiles, detailed analysis and even forecasts, the Newaccra Achievers Report is a most credible reference for investors and donors, entrepreneurs and business leaders, academics, policy makers, media, civil society, and the larger business community.

Newaccra.Com, released its 2016 edition of the Newaccra Achievers Report, a detailed compilation of unsung Ghanaians making impact and showing promise in diverse fields. A total of thirty (30) individuals were honoured in the categories of business and leadership, society and education, creative arts, healthcare and food, and technology and media.

eCampus LLC selected under education has showed great results and impact in education and thus the CEO Cecil Senna Nutakor has been voted and selected among the best 30 Achievers of 2016.

126The multi-award-winning, young entrepreneur with a BSc in Entrepreneurship and SME management for Greenhill College Business School of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) first developed eCampus in 2003 and thirteen years down the line, eCampus has become a sustainable tool to change the face of technology in education in Ghana.

Cecil Senna Nutakor 20151201_222640Cecil Senna Nutakor named among the top 30 Achievers list comes just a week after eCampus LLC won the award for Education Startup of the Year at this year’s Ghana Startup Awards.

eCampus is geered towards making a rigorous impact in our educational system, not only in Ghana but worldwide.

We are therefore honoured to be honouree to this great initiative, our heartfelt gratitude to for noticing talent and helping to put the authencity of the eCampus brand across the globe.

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